The Wolfin waterproofing system has been installed on the critical areas of the Royal North Shore Hospital by GBA Waterproofing, an experienced Wolfin applicator.

The entranceway to the hospital including the emergency entrance and main ambulance driveway was waterproofed using the Wolfin GWSK self-adhesive membrane prior to the application of three layers of asphalt. The garden beds were also waterproofed using the Wolfin system, which is rated as root-proof.

The membrane was terminated within the walls of the hospital where it acts as a cavity flashing. Over 3,500m² of Wolfin waterproofing membranes were used in this area.

The perimeter curbing was installed over the Wolfin membrane to ensure that the waterproofing of the deck area continued to its extremities without worry of future damage.

The Wolfin membrane has also been welded directly to the PVC rainwater and wastewater service pipes and outlets, and terminated into the concrete columns to ensure the integrity of the waterproofing to all areas.

Wolfin waterproofing systems allow sealing to awkward shapes. For areas where the Wolfin membrane has been covered with concrete, a 5mm thick layer of Projex Shockmat has been laid over the membrane to protect it from the rigors of steel mesh placement prior to the pouring of concrete.

Wolfin waterproofing system has been installed at many hospitals in Australia, with Sydney installations including St George Private Hospital, Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney Children’s Hospital, Royal Hospital for Women, Liverpool Hospital and Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

The Wolfin waterproofing membrane system is available in Australia and New Zealand from Projex Group .