Quick-Step’s smart and beautiful flooring graces homes across Australia with its ingenuity, splendour and charm.

Apart from their aesthetic appeal, Quick-Step floors are also well known for their sustainability and respect for the natural environment. Determined to make continuous efforts to minimise the ecological impact of their products and processes, Quick-Step seeks new ways to recycle, reduce, reuse, recover and renew throughout the entire manufacturing process beginning with using only carefully screened raw materials.

Quick-Step laminate floors

Quick-Step laminate boards are made of chips from sustainable wood sources; not a single exotic tree is harvested to create the exotic laminate floors.

Quick-Step bamboo floors

Quick-Step Arc Bamboo is sourced from dedicated bamboo plantations that are regrown in five-to-six-year cycles. The bamboo complies with the super low ‘E0’ emission rating.

Quick-Step timber floors

Wood used for the face layer of Quick-Step’s hardwood floors is sourced only from controlled or ecologically certified forests. Quick-Step uses wood sourced from Hevea (rubber wood) plantations for the middle layer with the trees logged after about 25 years when they stop yielding sufficient latex.

Quick-Step glue and lacquer

Quick-Step glue, lacquer and oil meet the strictest international emission norms.

Quick-Step invests in energy-efficient production

Quick-Step has optimised thermal energy management in its production facilities in Belgium and Malaysia with all wood waste from the milling and sawing processes burnt in an incinerator and the resulting energy reused to generate heat for the production of laminate and hardwood floors.

Quick-Step complies with CE regulations

All Quick-Step timber floors are CE labelled, which means they have met EU consumer, safety, health and environmental standards. All Quick-Step floors are tested in recognised laboratories and meet the minimum requirements with ease.

All Quick-Step bamboo floors have been granted independent environmental certification from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

All Quick-Step laminate and oak floors carry the PEFC mark (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification), one of the most widely recognised and valued environmental certification schemes in the world.

Quick-Step and all other wood based flooring naturally capture CO2 into biomass (sequestration), reducing CO2 in the atmosphere and then accelerating the process through reforestation. According to Quick-Step’s National Product Manager, Kendall Waller, Quick-Step is leaps and bounds ahead of the pack when it comes to the creation of flooring with an environmental conscience.

Quick-Step floors are available in Australia from Premium Floors .