Premier Slate Products  have presented to the Australian market place a Canadian roofing slate called Glendyne.

The Glendyne meets the following national standards:

  • North American ASTM C406-00 certificate
  • Belgium STS 34.03.6 certificate
  • France NF228
  • European standard called the EN 12326-1.
  • U.K. BSEN 12326-2. Previously this was BS 680 part 2:

Following the ASTM testing, the Glendyne slates have also obtained high rating for durability.

Glendyne slates are:

  • Dark grey with a tone of blue
  • Resistant to weather conditions
  • Colour fast and non-fading
  • Not a fire hazard so they can be used in high fire risk areas

The cost of a Glendyne slate roof over the period of protection it can give the homeowner can make it an economical roofing material available to the construction industry. The Glendyne slate comes in a 4mm to 6mm thick and they are 500mm long and 250mm wide.

At a 100mm headlap there are 20 slates to the square metre, and at a 75mm headlap there are 18.82 slates to the square metre.