Planet Green Insulation  is a Sydney-based company that specialises in roof and ceiling cavity vacuuming as well as retro-fitting of new insulation.

With their purpose-built trailer mounted vacuums, Planet Green Solutions has the ability to remove all unwanted materials from the roof space the right way, so as to leave it clean and ready for new insulation to be installed.

There are several reasons for vacuuming the roof space. Lead dust build-up is common in most homes over 30 years, not to mention animal activity and the traces they leave behind.

Couple this with old degraded insulation and residue building materials such as asbestos, and it soon becomes apparent why a good thorough roof vacuum is required.

A roof vacuum service will generally take a day to complete and prices vary depending on what needs to be removed and how large the home is. Homeowners should not be overwhelmed by the price tag since roof vacuuming needs to be performed only once every 20 years.

Planet Green has different alternatives on offer for new insulation. The company supplies and installs a wide range of materials including fibreglass, cellulose, polyester, polyurethane foam, earthwool and natural wool.

All insulations come in a wide range of R-Values (Thermal Resistance) as well as STC Ratings (Acoustic) and all are made to Australian Standards, which means they adhere to strict fire and safety codes.

Planet Green Solutions is an independent insulation company equipped to address particular household concerns such as vermin, allergies, moisture build-up, thermal performance, noise control and environmental sustainability.

Homeowners can contact Planet Green for more information on how to organise insulation removal and the vacuuming of the roof space.