Flag poles are installed by homeowners to demonstrate their patriotism, or to show their allegiance to a sporting association, club or community organisation. Flags not only add distinction to the property, but also offer a time-saving and cost-effective way to add colour and character to the home exterior.

However, the first step to installing a flag pole on a residential property is to size it properly. Premier Flag Poles lists three key factors to consider when making this decision:

1. House Size

The height of the house will determine the height of the flag pole. The general rule is to have a 6m flag pole for a single storey residence and 7.5-9m for a two-storey structure.

2. Distance

Homeowners should consider at what distance they would like their flag to be seen, or how close it should be erected to the home. Though a taller flag pole will be seen from far away, it might just dwarf the home.

3. Your Flag

If the flag has already been bought, it would be good to size the flag pole to the flag. Small flags look out of place on large flag poles, and vice versa. A large flag needs a tall flag pole to catch the wind and must be situated away from trees or anything else with which it could get entangled. The flag size also impacts the structural integrity and safety of the flag pole.

Once these three aspects are addressed, it should be easy to establish the size of the flag pole. The experts at Premier Poles can also be consulted for guidance on flag pole sizing as well as information on council permits.