With a tiny 15mm profile, Philips Dynalite’s second-generation DL2P-series user control panel offers a slimline and cost-effective solution for commercial and residential lighting control applications.

The DL2P-series offers the same powerful functionality as the popular DLP user panels in a slimmed-down form-factor.

The user control panel features a white facia that perfectly coordinates with conventional light switches. The sophisticated ‘configurable’ control panel units can be used for applications where a single button-press initiates a one-shot function, such as a preset scene. Additionally, the units can run sequential and conditional logic routines, allowing the DL2P to be used in more complex applications such as those involving multiple areas, smart fades, and chase sequences. The control panel has integrated infra-red (IR) receive capability, eliminating the need for separate sensors where IR remotes are required.

The button configuration on the DL2P user control panel can be customised to suit each individual application, with buttons available in single or dual columns of up to five buttons. Smooth action buttons with LED indicators provide both tactile and visual feedback and can simply be removed for engraving to identify switch function. Custom–engraving of switch caps is important, especially for panels with multiple buttons, to enable the user to easily select the desired function.

DL2P lighting control panels also facilitate interfacing third-party devices to a DyNet network, eliminating the need for an external central processor. Network integration is achieved via a miniature (RS485) DyNet control network socket, which can be accessed by removing the snap-on panel cover, therefore enabling system adjustments and programming to be carried out from any user control panel on the network.

The clever design of the DL2P also accommodates changes in user requirements over time and can accommodate changes to, or addition of buttons on an existing panel. Buttons, bezels and covers snap-on, enabling changes to be easily accomplished without the need for tools or additional wiring.

More information on lighting control systems is available from Philips Dynalite.