Pattons Awnings  has launched outdoor acoustic barriers that act as an effective and aesthetically pleasing way of limiting sound movement from areas such as pools, spas and outdoor dining areas.

Each acoustic barrier is custom designed to achieve maximum sound dampening effect whilst being a beautiful feature of any backyard or restaurant. There is a wide range of colours and fabric types available and construction is tailored to meet the specific requirements of the area.

Home owners, developers and commercial developments have to comply with strict council regularities with regard to noise pollution and visual privacy. Pattons acoustic barriers offer a cost effective and compliant solution to both noise and visual control.

These acoustic barriers feature a hybrid design that combines the look and feel of a shade sail with the acoustic properties of traditional indoor acoustic panelling.

Daniel Halse, Managing Director Pattons Awnings explained, “We have developed this product from our custom designed privacy screens in response to the growing need of our clients to have a barrier which prevents both people looking in on them and which also minimises sound travelling out.”

These all-weather outdoor acoustic shade sail barriers achieve these aims whilst providing an aesthetically pleasing addition to any living space. They combine the theatrical, marine and architectural areas of our business, resulting in a niche product which is another example of Pattons’ symmetry of a practical solution and beautiful looking lifestyle enhancements product.