Parisi Doorware  has released a range of sophisticated handles and knobs for their premium collection of door accessories. The range includes fixed knobs, operable knobs and pull handles and is made of the highest quality materials to ensure very product is durable and long lasting. There are both contemporary and traditional styles to suit every door.  

The fixed knob collection features seven gold and one silver door knob. The silver Domo knob is modern looking with a matte finish. The Alfa, Sfera, Elena, Iris and Astra all have a glossy finish and are traditional in design, while the Katy and Idro have a more modern look. There are four operable knobs by Parisi Doorware. The Ovale is a glossy and silver with a modern oval design. The Elena, Iris and Sfera are glossy gold and have a more traditional look.  

Parisi Doorware has ten pull handles in their collection. The Modulo, Surf, Venus and Orecchio have contemporary designs and come in either matte or glossy silver.  The Giada features both gold and silver with a glass finish. The remaining five styles are glossy or matte gold and range between the very ornate Elena, to the sophisticated Dana.