Parchem Construction Supplies are specialists in decorative concrete surfaces, including stencil concrete, is a system of adding colour, pattern and texture to a plain concrete slab at the time of pouring to create an attractive look of brick and stone with a contrasting grout line.

Adding beauty to any living environment and value to a home, stenciled concrete surfaces combine the durability of concrete with the architectural appeal of traditional brick or stone pavers.

In addition to this practicality, the design options are plentiful with stenciled concrete surfaces. Eye catching features can be created using contrasting colours or borders, or incorporating special designs, company logos, monograms, to truly customise the look.

Emphasising the edging in the stencil concrete design also allows the addition of another colour into the the project. It allows colours of the external facade to be blended to with the surrounding environment.

Stenciled concrete is stylish, strong and thanks to the endless design options, a truly versatile decortive concrete surface.