Parbury Technologie s has released Fonostop Duo, a dual purpose acoustic insulation and waterproofing system for high residential and commercial developments.

The system, which has a 33.5 decibel rating, is said to be less costly than competitive products and faster and less labour intensive to install. Designed for use with floating floors, it is laid on the floor and along the walls in combination with Parbury’s Index Testudo torch-on waterproofing membrane. It has excellent performance in suppressing floor traffic noise and provides superior waterproofing of the floor.

The acoustic system is only 8mm thick and made of a polymer bitumen with sound resilient additives coupled with a non-woven polyester fabric. The lightweight material is laid on the floor, overlaid with Testudo torch-on membrane, covered with a cementitious underlay and then the final floor covering of tiles, timber, carpet or vinyl.

Parbury says Fonstop Duo is inexpensive, easily installed over small or large areas, and delivers high quality insulation against floor traffic such as footsteps and furniture movement, critical areas of concern in high rise residential complexes.

Source: Building Products News.