Panasonic Australia has introduced a new range of steam combination microwave ovens designed to cook healthy and tasty food.

Panasonic’s new NN-CS894S premium steam combination microwave oven comes with a new steam function as well as convection, grill, microwave and defrost features.

Powerful high density steam is injected from a high-efficiency boiler unit directly into the upper area of the microwave, enabling a new and fast way to cook a wide range of meals that retains flavour and keeps food moist. A grill plate divides the oven in two, preventing steam from diffusing throughout the microwave.

Additional cooking modes in the new microwave NN-CS894S include 1,350W convection, 1,300W grill, 1,000W micro power, and defrost.

Nicolas Cauzac, Product Marketing Manager, Microwaves, Panasonic Australia explains that the new NN-CS894S steam microwave oven uses the latest in steam technology to help home cooks prepare delicious, healthy food every time. Backed by Panasonic’s 50 years of experience in microwave oven engineering, the latest model offers ease of use and versatility with its ability to provide excellent results whether it is being used to steam fish or vegetables, bake a cake, grill sausages or defrost meat.

The split-level convection cooking allows one to cook on two levels simultaneously while an integrated fan circulates hot air throughout the entire oven producing a quicker, more even cooking result, especially when roasting or baking larger meals.

Multiple cooking functions in the NN-CS894S microwave oven can be used simultaneously for faster results. The microwave power cooks food quickly while the oven and grill provide traditional browning and crispiness. The Turbo-Cook button adds 300W of micro power to the cooking process when using the convection or grilling settings, significantly speeding up cooking times without impacting on quality or taste. A new intelligent Sensor Cooking option in the latest Panasonic oven also simplifies the process of making perfectly cooked food.

Instead of the conventional turntable, Panasonic’s NN-CS894S microwave incorporates a flatbed design thanks to a rotatable microwave antenna hidden in the base of the oven. This innovative design not only creates a larger cooking area compared to conventional models, but also allows dishes of all shapes and sizes inside the oven. The flatbed design is also more practical to clean. Self-cleaning catalytic upper and back plates and a fluoric coating on the interior prevent food from sticking to surfaces.

The contemporary look of the microwave with a single tinted sheet glass door featuring built-in controls, and a slim stainless steel frame will suit any modern kitchen. Stylish features also include an ergonomically designed handle, a convenient pull-down door providing conventional oven-style access, and a simple control panel with blue LED display and ‘Swipe & Touch’ user interface.