Whether you would like to increase kerb appeal, increase security, or stop draughts and noise, a new entrance door might be the solution. For new buildings or renovations, the right entrance door is an investment worth making.


Often modern homes use extra-large entrance doors or double doors for a generous entrance. Pivot doors are a consideration, although if one wants to be energy efficient and stop draughts and noise, the sealing is much better on hinged doors.


Timber and timber/glass doors have the widest design possibilities. Timber is also a very good insulator and combined with double or triple glazing and seals, such doors are perfect for energy efficiency and to stop street noise and air infiltration.

For a maintenance-free version, it is possible to use timber with an external aluminium cladding and create a composite door, which provides the warmth of timber inside with low maintenance aluminium outside.

Security and automation:

Not all visitors are desirable; hence multi-point locking is important and increases security manifold. Either manually locked with a key or electronic door lock, which can be operated by phone, keypad or fingerprint recognition, multi-point locking simultaneously operates three locks (at top, middle and bottom of the door) and can even include hooks that make it impossible for intruders to take the door off its hinges. Paarhammer doors come with Euro-cylinder and can be keyed alike with other doors in your home. Or chose an electronic lock and you never have to carry a key again.

Handles, hinges, and thresholds:

Apart from the overall design, a variety of handles creates another opportunity for individuality in a classical or modern design.

Paarhammer doors feature hinging that can carry up to 200kg without sagging and offer a large door panel that opens very wide. A pivot door only looks wide but as the pivoting hardware has to be set in from the edge, it will not provide a large opening.

A choice of timber or aluminium threshold or the new barrier-free magnetic threshold completes your new entrance door, which keeps out the weather, noise and draughts.

Energy efficiency, draught and noise reduction:

Double rebates on the door together with rubber seals all around will reduce draughts/air infiltration to almost zero and lower your energy bills dramatically. Sealing against draughts also improves sound protection and will keep street noise outside, with a sound protection of up to 43dB. U-values for Paarhammer’s highly energy efficient entrance doors or combinations start from a very low 1.4.

Heritage homes:

Often heritage homes have very narrow doorways. To be able to get the walkthrough width as wide as possible, special hinging mechanisms are used. Timber and timber/glass entrance doors can be made to your design or you can choose from a variety of options. It is also possible to incorporate leadlight glass.

Entrance door

History of doors is international

Already 4000 years ago doors were recorded in ancient Egyptian tomb paintings. Later in King Solomon’s times, doors were made from the timber of olive trees overlaid with gold, while in Asia doors were often made from stone. The Romans had a god for doors and archways, Janus. Greeks created the first automated door in the 1st century AD, Chinese invented the first foot-operated automated door around 610, and Arabs created the first automatic gate opener in around 1206.

During medieval times, doors were adorned with copper or bronze and decorated with steel bands or forged nails. Decorative panels with carvings and reliefs were used in Michelangelo’s times and were especially grand in churches and cathedrals in Italy and France. In 1881 Germans invented the first revolving door.

Express your individual style with custom made entrance combinations in timber or timber with aluminium cladding. Consider sidelights or highlights, single or double doors, plain or more ornate. Whatever door style suits your home or business, Paarhammer has the right solution.

All Paarhammer entrance doors – heritage or modern – are custom made and come as a whole package with door jamb, threshold, multi-point locking system and door furniture.

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