Windows have been attracting the wrong kind of attention lately, with several high profile projects being reported in the media for non-compliance with Australian Standards.

Windows and doors are required to meet the minimum mandatory specifications set out by Australian Standards AS2047 and AS1288 under the Building Code of Australia. All window manufacturers must comply with this Standard and must be able to verify compliance on request.

The tests for AS2047 include a Deflection Test, Operating Force Test, Air Infiltration Test, Water Penetration Resistance Test and Ultimate Strength Test.

All residential windows and doors are also required to carry a Performance Label that confirms the windows and doors are certified to comply with Australian Standard AS2047. A Certificate of Compliance will also be provided showing compliance of windows and doors to the National Construction Code.

Australian Windows Association (AWA) members must undergo annual compliance audits in their factories to verify that their windows and doors are tested and approved by an independent NATA accredited auditor to AS2047.

Building Surveyors and Council Certifiers will ask for compliance verification when approving buildings. The AWA accreditation program provides a simple and verifiable means of proving the performance of a window. This program additionally meets the requirements of government and other bodies that require quality assurance when choosing a supplier.

An AWA accreditation will also confirm that the manufacturer is compliant with the AWA Code of Conduct and provides a 6-year warranty against faulty workmanship and materials.

All windows and doors must carry labels stating the manufacturer's accreditation as well as the energy efficiency ratings and design performance of the product.

Replacing faulty or damaged windows and doors is expensive; it is easier, therefore, to get it right the first time. Tested and approved windows will always provide the assurance of performance, be it in energy efficiency, air filtration, shading coefficient or water resistance.

Paarhammer achieves a structural performance of 1500 Pa and water resistance of 200 Pa in their doors and windows.