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    Ozzi Kleen Wastewater Treatment System - easy to install

    Ozzi Kleen

    The RP10 domestic wastewater treatment systems from Ozzi Kleen use a non-septic, aerobic process to treat wastewater.

    The aerobic process used by RP10 domestic wastewater treatment systems keeps organic matter or waste oxygenated, keeping the bacteria found in waste alive. These aerobic bacteria are very aggressive in feeding on the waste, which is a high energy food source.

    The RP10 domestic wastewater treatment systems are simple to install. They are 2.7m high, have a 1.95m diameter, and weigh around 400kg. They can be installed quickly, easily and cheaply by a single mini-excavator, even on sites with restricted access.

    In comparison, other systems can weigh as much as 6 tonnes. When buried in a garden, the systems can be easily camouflaged by plants.

    They are odourless, completely aerobic, and non-septic system. Common household cleaners can be used and will not affect the system’s performance.

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