RP10 household sewage treatment systems, now available from Ozzi Kleen , act as a digestive system, recycling water for use on lawns and gardens.

Employing a unique cyclic, fully aerobic sewage treatment process, RP10 wastewater recycling systems are cost efficient to run, producing nutrient rich water without the need for a septic process.

They are manufactured from heavy duty polyethylene which is up to 20mm thick, and are weight for weight 100 times stronger than concrete.

As the tanks used in RP10 sewage treatment systems are roto-moulded and completely seamless, there is no risk of seepage, leaking or root intrusion.

In addition, the tanks are not affected by the acidity of sewage, and do not emit any unpleasant odours.

Mechanical components are engineered to ensure years of trouble free service, and are backed by a full manufacturer’s warranty.