Engineered and manufactured in Australia by Suncoast Waste Water Management, the new Ozzi Kleen transportable sewage treatment plant is currently being used at mobile mining camps to treat all wastewater onsite.

Suncoast Waste Water Management is now manufacturing these transportable sewage treatment plants that care capable of managing 4000lt of wastewater per day. The Ozzi Kleen SK20 transportable sewage treatment plant uses two of the proven and approved 10 person systems mounted on a skid.

The Ozzi Kleen SK20 portable wastewater treatment plant is equipped with a manual bar screen and in standard form produces a secondary class effluent that is suitable for irrigation.

The Ozzi Kleen SK20 portable sewage treatment plant has been supplied to treat and recycle wastewater at both small mobile camps and small static office blocks. Like the rest of the Ozzi Kleen transportable products, the SK20 is quickly commissioned and decommissioned for relocation.

Ozzi Kleen SK20 sewage treatment plants are manufactured at the Ozzi Kleen factory on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. These transportable sewage treatment plants can be customised to suit any situation.

Suncoast Waste Water Management custom builds treatment plants to suit any situation and to achieve any standard of effluent.