The different types of products supplied by OXYTECH Powder Coatings Pty Ltd  include interior and exterior purpose powder coatings. The powder coatings for interior purposes are epoxy and hybrid where as polyester is the powder coating supplied by OXYTECH Powder Coatings for exterior purposes. All these products are divided into grades.

Epoxy powder coatings are meant for interior usage and thus graded as E6, E8, E5, E29 and E61, The E6 ranges of coating powders from OXYTECH Powder Coatings have excellent flow-outs, whereas E29 zincoprime coating powders are anti-corrosion powders. E61 powders have outstanding resistance to corrosion and compliance with FDA.

OXYTECH Powder Coatings offers epoxy-polyester hybrid type of coating powders which has different ranges such as FF6, FF4, FF175, FF165, FF160, FF11 and SP. The FF160 hybrid coating powders from OXYTECH Powder Coatings provide very good flow-out; these powders further have good over-bake resistance and excellent mechanicals. FF11 powders have overall improved mechanicals, UV resistance for wrinkles and matt textures. The SP hybrid types of coating powders from OXYTECH Powder Coatings have moiré finishes, excellent mechanicals and good over-bake resistance.

The polyester types of coating powders from OXYTECH Powder Coatings are meant for exterior usages. The different ranges of polyester coating powders provided by OXYTECH Powder Coatings are APR, PR12, PR10, PR18, PR28 and PE50. All these coating powders have very good flow-out. The PE50 polyester coating powders have excellent mechanicals and TGIC free features.