Homeowners all over the world are opening up to the great outdoors. The trending indoor-outdoor living concept is encouraging many people to choose home designs that introduce a seamless transition between their interiors and nature outside.

What started off originally as a design intent to bring nature inside has evolved into a transitional space that maximises the potential of the home by extending the indoor living space into the verandah, patio, terrace, courtyard or backyard. The indoor-outdoor concept is not only an efficient way to expand the existing living space but also presents an opportunity to create a flexible room that can be a cosy and cool enclosed nook, a bright sunroom or an alfresco dining area depending on the season.

A key objective of introducing indoor-outdoor concepts in home design is to create well-lit, ventilated spaces with views, offering spatial continuity to the outside, and also flexibly connecting with the great outdoors. Modern homes are integrating indoor-outdoor living in their floor plan for an additional reason – their green credentials. Homes that allow the entry of natural light and ensure ventilation in the living space can reduce energy consumption.

Thermal performance is one of the most important considerations for architects during the design process as well as the selection of building materials, especially when planning indoor-outdoor spaces. Shutters, for instance, are ideal for creating enclosed spaces that can be flexibly utilised to suit the mood or the weather.

Shutter systems from OpenShutters

The OpenShutters collection of window shutters and louvres in timber and aluminium is designed to open up new possibilities for inspired use of the built space. Going beyond mere window dressing, the low-maintenance, long-lasting shutter systems provide thermal insulation, natural ventilation, light control and privacy while delivering advantages such as long-term comfort, flexible use of space, and energy savings in addition to contributing to the home’s green ratings.

OpenShutters offers bespoke shutter solutions for indoor-outdoor living spaces, handcrafted to exacting standards by master craftsmen to meet the design objectives of architects and designers. The shutters can be specified for size, shape, blade profile, opening, colour, finish and material to meet every design preference and application challenge.

The company’s innovative Design Thinking culture encourages architects and designers to bring their design ideas to life by creating fit-for-purpose shutters and louvres to meet their clients’ requirements. This customisation option is particularly favoured by architects when designing indoor-outdoor living spaces where specific challenges in terms of unusual dimensions and non-standard sizes cannot be met by mass produced shutter solutions.

Made in Australia for Australian conditions, OpenShutters’ customised shutters range comprises of timber shutters and louvres as well as aluminium shutters and louvres.

Designed using premium grade Western Red Cedar, the timber shutters and louvres are naturally strong, stable and durable with low shrinkage and high resistance to warping, and block the entry of harmful UV rays. Being an excellent thermal insulator, cedar effectively prevents heat transfer, reducing the need for air conditioning and creating a more energy-efficient space.

OpenShutters’ aluminium range is especially recommended for exterior applications and marine environments with their long-term weather-proof and fade-resistant characteristics addressing practical design considerations. Available in anodised or powdercoated finishes, the made-to-order aluminium shutters and louvres can also be supplied to replicate a rich timber look.

Shutter systems by OpenShutters help create remarkably flexible living spaces that allow homeowners to effortlessly switch between an alfresco dining space for entertaining guests and a completely enclosed private space for some quiet time alone.

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