Antron Environs Coordinates modular carpet range from Ontera has been developed to provide unmatched resilience and stain/soil resistance.

James Mfula, chief designer at Ontera says the range showcases the random effects that are demonstrated in nature.with textural elements such as sand, stone, bark and cell structures.

Each design features two versions that create a unique modular format, providing maximum design flexibility. These include Terrestrial and Stratus, Magma and Scoria, Seismic and Richter, Stratica and Quake, Techtonic and Tremor and Lamina and Schism.

A neutral palette of colours has been selected for the range. Cool neutrals are illustrated by yellow-greens and colours of putty, stone and tan illustrate warm tones. The various motifs can be laid in any fomation, creating the potential to modify an original design, add a feature or create a border.

Source: Building Products News.