OBriens Automatic Systems  have introduced the GSM access control system that includes a wireless intercom. Now it is possible to talk with visitors and activate the automatic gate through the home phone or mobile. This means, home owners can activate their home gates from work to allow visitors, tradesmen and cleaners access when required.

The GSM access control system allows up to 1000 registered users to operate any garage door/gate with their mobile phone or regular phone with no cost of call to the caller. This unit allows simple installation and does not require any running wires to the gate. The GSM access control system is suitable for acreage and rural properties.

Following are the features of GSM access control systems:

  • No range limit: Suitable solution for gates, which are kilometres away from home
  • Cost effective: Allow for simple installation and save on wiring costs.
  • Remote programming: The system can be programmed with a master number that enables remote access to the GSM-18 to maintain the system. The ‘Master Number’ can phone the GSM unit and add or delete users.
  • Wireless intercom: An add-on intercom interface is also available, which can be mounted outside the gate as a wireless intercom system. This would allow it to operate as a traditional intercom system for guests.
  • Security lock status: The end user can dial the GSM-18 unit and check if the gate is open or closed. The system will then allow the authorised user to close or open the gate from their phone.