Nover presents the new Peka Pleno Plus, an efficient kitchen storage system that enables you to have an organised pantry for stocking your groceries.

A centralised food storage system allows you to have a clear idea of your stored items as well as easy access to all areas. An organised pantry eliminates the need for rummaging around and minimises unnecessary duplication of grocery items.

Peka’s contemporary kitchen larder organisers are highly versatile and can easily be adapted to suit different heights for products of different sizes. A gentle tug is all it takes to open the Pleno Plus larder unit’s door and bring all the shelves out at the same time for an unmatched overview of the unit’s entire contents.

The Peka Pleno Plus system is easy to install or retrofit in kitchens made by any manufacturer. Pleno Plus makes efficient use of space in the unit from top to bottom and items can be stored on the shelves inside the unit or the door, just like with a refrigerator. Larger packets and grocery items can be stored on the higher shelves of the pull-out, while the lower shelves are ideal for pots and tableware, and the door shelves have ample room for spices and jam jars.

Pleno Plus is available as a complete system with height-adjustable clip-on shelves and smooth-running rails equipped with soft-open fittings. Featuring a durable, attractive finish, the storage system comes with non-slip mats and practical magnetic dividers can be used to divide the shelves.

The high quality metal construction allows for easy cleaning and wiping of the shelves. Pleno Plus is available in White or Anthracite, providing a modern look and feel to any kitchen.

The Peko Pleno Plus larder unit offers a storage solution for kitchens of every size right down to small compact pantries and cabinets.