The increasing urbanisation of cities has led to a rise in the number of impermeable surfaces and it has been estimated that ninety per cent of all storm water falls onto these areas that include roofs, cars parks, driveways and roads.

Excess storm water that would otherwise be directed to ground water is drastically reduced and as a result the environment is being damaged. As a result urban drainage systems are ever increasingly being put to the test.

Installing a Drainwell storm water detention system from Novaplas could support and consequently protect the drainage infrastructure.

Captured storm water runoff may be stored and used to water the garden or shared with neighbors and can be even recycled through household sanitary flushing systems.

The Drainwell storm water detention system allows excess strom water to permeate into the subsoil at a slower rate to local drainage system or stored in the Drainwell structural storage system for use later.

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