Colour and vibrancy take centre-stage in the latest carpet tile collections released by Nolan Group.


Featuring a patchwork design that provides a random ‘one-off’ pattern, Mayorica finds synergy with modern companies where multiple departments and teams come together to achieve business objectives. A style that combines 40 unique tiles for the total effect, Mayorica from TOLI provides a flooring solution that can tell its own story in so many ways to reflect individuality, inspiration, collaboration, risk-taking and much more. The tiles are randomly packed, offering designers the flexibility to create one-of-a-kind installations.


Nature has always been a source of inspiration in creative design. The extraordinary textures and colours of the outdoors can help create remarkable designs such as the new Bark that draws combined inspiration from trees and earthy tones to create a practical and subtle new range for offices, breakout areas, and retail and general commercial spaces.


Earthy is a trending tone in floor coverings, and helps to bring entire spaces together. Etrico, with its earthy tones and stylish woven design, will complement and complete spaces where natural finishes have been incorporated.

Image: Mayorica features a patchwork design