Pfauen is a special kind of multi-generation care home in Bad Zurzach, a municipality in the Swiss canton of Aargau.

Created by the Bad Zurzach municipality in collaboration with the Emil Burkhardt Foundation, the care home caters to the individual needs of senior citizens and also accommodates a day-care centre for children. As a modern care institution, Pfauen offers its residents comfort, a sense of wellbeing and safety. The general public is also welcome here at the in-house bistro, transforming the care home environment into a space that encourages sociable interaction between people of all ages.

Designed by Liechti Graf Zumsteg Architekten AG, Brugg, the care home features ceiling and lighting solutions from durlum.

The entrance and recreation areas feature a special open-cell ceiling from durlum. Arranged at right angles to one another, the gold-coloured powdercoated leaf-like panels create a sense of refinement and dynamism in this interior space.

The adjacent QUADRA single blade open-cell ceiling in the corridors blends into the concept with playful ease.

PUNTEO-Q50 lighting was integrated into both open cell ceilings. Designed to cast light at different angles, these spotlights provide homogeneous illumination while the luminaires themselves appear to vanish stylishly into the cell structure.

Completed in September 2019, the multi-generation home, Pfauen features several durlum products:

Special open-cell ceiling: 1.5mm thickness aluminium, dimension 1249x624 mm, cell dimension 312x312 mm, web heights 400mm and 500mm, powdercoated in gold-gloss, IGP-DURA xal-Style 25 4201 (124m²).

QUADRA metal open-cell ceiling: 0.6mm thickness aluminium, dimension 1250x625 mm, cell dimension 62x62 mm, web height 50mm, powdercoated in NCS S 7005-Y20R (1070m²).

PUNTEO-Q50 lighting: 50x50x54 mm (L x W x H), light colour 3000 K (259 units).