The Medicana Ataşehir Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey is a futuristic healthcare facility designed to adapt to the needs of patients and promote a sense of wellbeing. The ultramodern facility represents the face of a contemporary Turkey that’s founded on a rich legacy of Greco-Roman antiquity, medieval Byzantine architecture and the cultural wealth of different traditions.

From the lobby to the rooms for patients and doctors, the interiors of the hospital are designed to deliver a pleasant experience that supports the healing process.

The LIVA and LOOP metal ceilings fit perfectly into the overall design concept. The bronze coloured LIVA ceiling in the entrance and waiting area impresses with its baffles arranged multi-directionally, and a free cross-section of more than 95% creating an open and homogeneous ceiling effect.

Specifically for this project, LIVA was supplied with a special design for installation below the plasterboard ceiling that totally conceals the ceiling void.

In other areas, the acoustically optimised LOOP ceiling design with PUNTEO-J60 LED spots provides an elegant, seamless look.

Products used in the installation include:

Multidirectional LIVA open-cell ceiling (design in two different dimensions): Dimensions [H x W]: 200 x 98 mm and 100 x 98 mm; spacing: 120mm; powdercoated in bronze; surface area: 210m²

LOOP TYP 2: Aluminium; free cross-section > 50%; deep-drawn perforation with a diameter of 60mm; acoustically effective design with DUROBOND; powdercoated in metallic; surface area: 227m²

PUNTEO-J60: Efficient LED downlights with superlative glare suppression; 125 units