In Australia, compliance with the National Construction Code (NCC) must be considered alongside factors such as occupant comfort and health, durability, ease of installation and maintenance to deliver successful building projects. Acoustic performance in the context of floor coverings is one area that requires special attention, challenging designers and specifiers to identify innovative, code-compliant solutions that deliver elevated levels of acoustic comfort.

'Sound matters: Understanding acoustic flooring and the relevant national construction code requirements' examines the NCC requirements for acoustic performance of flooring and how these can be met through the specification of specially-engineered acoustic flooring. First, we provide a summary of the NCC provisions pertaining to the acoustic performance of flooring. This is followed by a look at the basics of acoustic control. We cover the difficulties in meeting acoustic performance requirements when specifying conventional flooring before highlighting the advantages of acoustic vinyl flooring. Finally, we present a leading acoustic luxury vinyl plank solution that meets modern requirements for performance, durability and aesthetics.

For over three decades, National Flooring Distributors (NFD) has supplied the Australian flooring market with high quality, innovative flooring products. Driven by a focus on creativity, quality and performance, NFD brings together products from tier-one manufacturers worldwide. With a broad range of high performance solutions, NFD can easily respond to evolving market needs and the increasingly complex regulatory landscape.

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