Available in water or solvent base, Nanokote EcoGuard uses nanotechnology to protect porous surfaces. The product uses molecular bonding with a mineral substrate to form a hydrophobic surface. The surface is protected, yet still able to breath. It will not alter the surface texture or make surfaces slippery. Also it leaves the surface easy to clean and even gives the surface a self cleaning property.   

Concrete is immensely strong. It offers specifiers the freedom to construct almost any shape; it create endless structural possibilities. Mineral compounds are the backbone of construction. Surfaces such as sandstone, granite, concrete, pavers, roof tiles, render and masonry can easily be damaged by moisture. This leads to the corrosion of steel reinforcement and growth of algae and moss on exterior surfaces.                    

Nanokote EcoGuard will seal the surface and protect it from virtually anything in the environment. Resistant to abrasion, Nanokote EcoGuard will provide long lasting protection.  

One of the most versatile materials known to man, wood has been used to create structures of strength and beauty for centuries. Wood is very susceptible to damage from the environment, UV light, moisture, algae, moss and fungi all accelerate the decay of the surface.  

Nanokote EcoGuard will protect wood from the elements and create a water repellent, hydrophobic affect preventing expansion and contraction whilst allowing it to breathe. Due to its water, oil and dirt repelling properties, EcoGuard will create a surface with easy-to-clean properties and provide long lasting protection.