International Trading & Consulting (ITC)  have developed a new product among surface sealers and concrete coatings, Concrete Shield Sealer, for the coating, protection and weatherproofing of all porous stone and mineral surfaces.

Concrete Shield Sealer falls into the category of water-oil based surface sealers and concrete coatings and uses the latest in nanotechnology for the long term protection of surfaces such as brick-work, travertine and sandstone, concrete and pavers.

Concrete Shield Sealer is an environmentally friendly, deep penetrating, and highly effective surface sealer concrete coating which is 100% solvent free with a neutral scent.

Concrete Shield Sealer has been specially formulated by ITC to be user friendly and quick and easy to apply on new and existing porous mineral surfaces.

After application, the Concrete Shield Sealer leaves behind no product residue, significantly reducing application time even after multiple concrete coatings.

Concrete Shield Sealer protective concrete coating is durable in all environments, and offers long term protection for new or existing porous stone and mineral surfaces.