NanoCoat  offers a range of glass coatings formulated for easy application and protection of glass surfaces of all kinds.  

NanoCoat protective glass coatings are ideal as a long term treatment for protecting glass surfaces such as glass shower screens, glass fencing, glass balustrades, glass splashbacks, glass windows as well as automotive glass including windscreens.  

A single application of NanoCoat clear glass coatings is sufficient to provide effective glass protection. No curing time is required for the high performance glass coatings as the treatment chemically bonds to the glass surface almost instantly.  

Advanced nanotechnology is used to bind the glass coating from NanoCoat microscopically to create a hydrophobic, easy to clean glass surface, which is both hardwearing and invisible, delivering high levels of glass protection in the salty coastal climate.  

Key benefits of NanoCoat clear glass coatings:   

  • Creates a mesh-like protective barrier on the surface that repels water, dust and other airborne contaminants
  • Prevents potential damage from contaminants including staining and mineral damage to the glass surface
  • Enables easy cleaning of treated glass surfaces using only water
  • Eliminates the need to scrub glass surfaces
  • Reduces maintenance time and costs by up to 90%
  • Easy application using a NanoCoat professional applicator or as a DIY project
  • Silicon-free nanotechnology treatment used in Australia and NZ

NanoCoat clear glass coatings are available from their Sydney based sales and distribution office for commercial, residential and application requirements Australia wide.