A.B. Roof Tiling, a dedicated CSR Roofing Specialist recently installed a roof using tiles from the Monier Wunderlich range.  

Monier’s Cambridge concrete roof tiles in a hewn stone finish were used for the project. The Cambridge roof tiles in ‘Soho Night’ colour complement both contemporary and classically styled architecture while conveying a level of sophistication.

Monier employs a unique colour application technology called Cat Colour, which delivers colour throughout the body of the tile in addition to a secondary colour layer on the surface, resulting in a more consistent, deeper and longer-lasting colour.

The A-line ridging technique used to lay the tiles minimises the bulk of the ridge lines to create a clean, minimalist look to the hip and ridge detailing. Though not required in this project,

Monier’s EDGE technology allows tiling down to a pitch as low as 15 degrees. Monier’s breakthrough EDGE technology available from CSR Roofing is a patented process that has been comprehensively field-tested and undergone rigorous wind tunnel testing to deliver high performance concrete roof tiles.

The proven technology offers builders, designers and home owners benefits such as greater design flexibility since the tiles can be laid on roof pitches as low as 15 degrees as well as superior water shedding properties.    

EDGE technology is only available in Monier’s range of flat-profiled tiles, which also allow their new solarTILE to be incorporated into the roofing plane.

Monier’s solarTILE uses advanced PV technology to convert sunlight into electricity. Similar to conventional bolt-on solar panels, the solarTILE stands apart with its seamless, integrated design.

Developed specifically to work with Monier’s range of flat-profiled concrete tiles, the solarTILE delivers a green energy solution along with good design and aesthetic appeal.