Australia is known for its climatic extremes, which expose building structures to considerable risk of damage. Though the period from September to March is commonly known as ‘storm season’, most regions across the country face storms and high rainfall events all year round. Australian homeowners, therefore, have to ensure their homes can stand up to the vagaries of wild weather throughout the year.

The roof is the first line of defence against inclement weather; a damaged roof, for instance, will allow seepage into the structure, leading to a series of problems that would be hard to correct without considerable expense.

Check your roof for signs of damage

Utilise the services of a professional to assess your roof and determine if anything needs to be repaired. If this exercise is conducted outside of the storm season, you’ll still have time to carry out the necessary repairs and prevent further damage.

Typical signs of roof damage may include water damage or sagging of the ceiling; indentations or cracks on the roofing; missing or loose tiles; localised discolouration indicating excess moisture and/ or the formation of algae, which weakens the integrity of the roofing materials; overflowing gutters, if not caused by twigs and leaves clogging the channels; warped or damaged roof framing; leaks and dark stains inside the home from water seepage; and a damp, stale smell in the ceiling space. Improper roof maintenance will also speed up the process of deterioration.

Consult with a Monier Roofing Specialist

Even if you are confident about the condition of your roof prior to a severe storm, it could still sustain some damage. If you have concerns about any damage to the roof pursuant to a storm, you should certainly have it checked out. You can either do these checks yourself or call in a Monier Roofing Specialist to help you out since the inspection involves working at height.

Protect your loved ones with Monier roofing

Monier roofs stand strong in the wind, rain or hail, backed by over 100 years of experience and expertise. Monier offers a network of expert roofing specialists who can inspect your roof and make precautionary repairs to protect your family during storm season.

Download a copy of the Monier Storm Season Flyer.