As consumers become increasingly concerned with environmental issues and pursuing a sustainable lifestyle, Australia has entered a solar boom.

The country has emerged as a global leader in solar solutions, aided by Australia’s unique access to some of the best solar energy resources in the world. In spite of this, the widespread adoption of solar still faces the issues of aesthetics, concerns regarding durability, and a lack of understanding due to the complexity of the systems.

The whitepaper "Breaking down the barriers: A closer look at increased solar adoption" delves into the rise of solar in Australia and evaluates the effectiveness of initiatives designed to increase its uptake. It explains how solar systems work and explores the design solutions that have emerged to combat the barriers to consumers’ conversion.

Leading roofing company CSR Monier has responded to these industry-wide concerns by releasing a new range of innovative, high performance and high-quality roofing solutions that do not compromise on style, offer an enhanced degree of durability, and are backed by a superior service.

Monier’s InLineSOLAR™ solution offers a fully integrated, slimline, modular solar panels system which provides all the benefits of solar power and maximises the street appeal, while the Monier SOLARtile™  is a concrete tile-based modular system that integrates seamlessly with existing roof tiles and is built to withstand a beating from the elements.

To find out more about the issues the Australian construction industry faces in solar adoption and explore the latest, innovative solar solutions, download this whitepaper.