Modular Walls supplied their TerraFirmX retaining panels to build the retaining walls at a Sekisui House development. The project involved developing greenfield land for sale as well as to provide end-to-end house and land packages. Featuring rolling topographic conditions, the blocks needed the ground between individual lots to be levelled in a 500mm – 1200mm range.

After considering Sekisui’s aesthetic requirements as well as the imposed surcharge loadings from soil and close boundary proximity housing, Modular Walls recommended their TerraFirmX retaining panels. These panels were selected as the best solution by Sekisui in consultation with their design engineers.

TerraFirmX retaining panels were chosen not only due to their strength relative to other traditional concrete or timber sleeper solutions, but also for their enhanced aesthetic appeal. Modular Walls additionally designed the structural support beam with a universal fence connector to meet a future requirement for attaching traditional timber fencing to the top of the retaining wall.