Mitten Vinyl Australia advises buyers of natural stone to ensure high standards in their product by dealing with a trusted and established supplier.

Natural stone’s style and elegance as well as durability and strength cannot be matched by any other material. A consistent feature of architectural landmarks throughout time, natural stone remains a preferred material even in modern architecture where it is used in a wide range of applications including kitchen benchtops, splashbacks, flooring, staircases, vanities and a variety of outdoor surfaces.

Unfortunately, cheap imports are flooding the natural stone market in Australia, predominantly from China and Turkey that don’t meet the high standards of traditional European stone. Though buyers may be able to save money with a lower initial investment, they could end up spending more over time with the inferior quality requiring frequent repair and replacement.

Specifying these products that don’t possess the aesthetic qualities or lifecycle of quality stone can have long-lasting impact on reputations, which can be detrimental to future work in the ever-competitive building and design market.

It is, therefore, important that architects, designers, specifiers and homeowners deal with a trusted supplier of natural stone products that meet the requirements of the relevant Australian Standards.