Miele Australia has expanded its induction cooktop range to accommodate oversized pots, pans and casserole dishes.

Assisting home cooks to achieve only the very best results when preparing larger meals, Miele’s new PowerFlex induction cooktops feature at least two PowerFlex rings on each hob that can be conveniently combined to provide a larger cooking zone at the touch of a button.

To ensure the power of induction is optimised despite the larger size, Miele PowerFlex induction cooktops have been carefully engineered with virtually gap-free induction coils below the ceramic screen, resulting in uniform heat generation in the base of larger pots and pans without any cold spots, and guaranteeing constant heat transfer to the food being cooked.

The PowerFlex induction cooktop delivers optimum output when working with larger items. Miele’s maximum power TwinBooster function offers a combined rating of 7.4kW, which is especially ideal for bringing water to boil quickly, even in significantly bigger pots.

Miele PowerFlex induction cooktops are also equipped with a host of remarkable features to deliver the ultimate convenience and safety. For instance, Miele’s clever Stop & Go function is useful when the cooktop is temporarily unattended. This function reduces the power output to the lowest simmer setting in all cooking zones simultaneously at the touch of a button to prevent burning or sticking of food. On return, the ‘Go’ function simply reinstates all previously selected settings.

The minute minder in the Miele PowerFlex induction cooktops is used to program cooking duration, while the switch-off timer automatically deactivates the cooktop after a maximum number of operating hours.

Select PowerFlex induction models can even be installed with Miele’s exclusive [email protected] function to ensure the optimum extraction of kitchen odours. This impressive feature establishes intelligent communication between the cooktop and selected Miele rangehoods, automatically activating the rangehood’s lighting and optimum fan setting to correlate with the power selected on the cooktop.

Miele’s new PowerFlex induction cooktops are available on hob units of different sizes with a variety of configurations, and are available to view at all Miele Centres in Australia.