Miele’s CVA 620 built-in coffee machine delivers preferred style of coffee, be it espresso or cappuccino, at home and small businesses, with its simple instructions, range of coffee styles and easy-to-clean components.  

The Miele CVA 620 built-in coffee machine can provide a strong espresso or an aromatic long black at the press of a button. Both have the characteristic creamy white head produced when coffee is made under just the right conditions regarding water temperature, pressure and time.  

In addition, a frothing nozzle on the Miele CVA 620 coffee machine enables cappuccino to be prepared with a fine milk froth, while a separate hot water spout is available for brewing tea or other hot drinks.   Further the Miele CVA 620 coffee machine allows user-selection of fineness for the ground coffee, the amount of coffee to be used (between six and nine grams), and the quantity of water per cup.  

Miele’s in-built coffee machine is suitable for tall-unit installation and requires recess dimensions of 45 cm (height) x 56 cm (width) x 55 cm (depth). A hinged door gives easy access to the container holding up to 500 g of coffee beans and to a fresh water tank holding up to 2.5 litres.  

A sturdy, integrated conical grinder ensures that the coffee beans are freshly ground to the desired fineness while the ground coffee is automatically placed in a special container, which is easy to remove and simple to clean.  

The Miele CVA 620 coffee machine generates a pressure of 14 bar while water, heated to 92°C, percolates through the freshly ground coffee to produce a cup of beverage within approximately 30 seconds.