OSMO timber finishes, recommended by Maxiply for their plywood and timber, are a premium range of wood finishing products that combine all the advantages of oil, lacquer and water-based finishes while eliminating the associated problems.

Customers are increasingly seeking environmentally-sensitive solutions in protective finishing products for raw timber and plywood over conventional chemical based plywood and timber finishes. Their choices have been limited to traditional oil-based finishing systems or lacquer and water-based finishing systems, both of which offer effective protection of timber surfaces but only for the short term. Currently available solutions are also not completely environmentally safe.

Traditional oil-based timber finishes allow excellent penetration into the wood; eliminate cracking, flaking, peeling or blistering; and can be used for partial renovations. Disadvantages include insufficient liquid resistance and time-consuming maintenance.

Lacquer or water-based finishes form a film/layer on the top of the wood surface; offer good resistance against liquids; protect from abrasion; and allow easy maintenance. Disadvantages include sanding requirement for renovation; unsuitability for partial renovations; and susceptibility to cracking, flaking, peeling and blistering.

The OSMO eco-safe natural wood finish range is a new system of natural plant oil and wax wood finishes created in Germany by a timber company following years of research and dissatisfaction with unreliable conventional methods. OSMO products are formulated to eliminate the problems associated with conventional oil, lacquer and water-based treatments, with the oil penetrating the wood surface to protect the wood from deep within and the waxes forming an elastic microporous surface to protect the wood.

OSMO combines all the professional features of an oil-based finish with the smooth results of conventional lacquers; is simple, economical and easy to apply; and does not emit unpleasant odours during or after application.

The formulation of OSMO wood finishes is based on oils and waxes and includes sunflower oil, carnauba wax and candelila wax, and linseed, soya and thistle oils. Providing a natural, environment-friendly and safe timber coating based on clean renewable plant-based raw materials, OSMO can be used in the food, educational and childcare industries as well as medical, veterinary, hospitality and event sectors. OSMO finishes are safe for humans, animals and plants, and represent an encompassing positive step in providing an eco-safe environment.

The binding agents in OSMO wood finishes are also based on natural plant oils, which penetrate the plywood and timber deeply for lasting protection. This deep protective system is especially a major benefit against UV rays, which can otherwise grey the wood over time and make it brittle. OSMO also protects against water damage by forming a layer to prevent algae and fungal spores from attacking the timber. Most insects are also repelled by the natural oil ingredients, extending the active life of timber products. The micro-porous surface continues to absorb and release moisture without damaging the timber.

Key advantages of the OSMO oil/wax based finishing system include protective micro-porous surface created on application allowing wood to breathe; anti-static properties repelling dust to suit allergy sufferers; no requirement for primer before application; minimal quantity required per application for economical use; smooth and consistent application eliminating trace of brushstrokes; no need to thin the oil or wax, avoiding mess; no peeling; and recoating possible without prior sanding.

OSMO wood finishes are also ideal for partial renovation involving scuff marks, deep scratches or general damage. Application can be done after a light sanding in interior jobs. For general exterior use, renovation and restoration of timber and plywood exposed surfaces simply require a new application of OSMO without sanding beforehand. Sanding is required only if the timber has been previously coated with lacquer or any other oil product.

Now available at Maxiply, OSMO products are recommended for decking protection, interior timber floor protection, furniture and exposed timber protection, anti-slip floor surfaces, timber floor and stair colour stains, exterior timber UV protection and timber floor maintenance; TopOil for interior timber kitchen and food surfaces; and OSMO liquid wax cleaner for all interior timber surfaces.