Timber has been embraced by the design world for its beauty and structural integrity. Plywood is one of the most popular and visually attractive timber design elements in the world. Birch plywood, stocked by MAXI Plywood, is the preferred premium designer plywood available in Australia.

Birch plywood highlights the stunning structural beauty of timber grown in the cold climate of northern Europe, with the frigid conditions encouraging close-grained and consistently high quality timber.

MAXI Birch from MAXI Plywood is a B/BB Premium exterior-grade Raw Birch plywood. The B-grade face is the highest quality grade available for Birch plywood, providing a clean, relatively clear decorative face.

Key features of MAXI Birch plywood include warm, light-coloured appearance with excellent surface quality that will retain its unique pale colour after protective treatment; strong, smooth and durable surfaces with high wear and impact resistance; 1.4mm thick standard nominal veneer for the core of the plywood producing a highly engineered panel with superior stability and product integrity; glue lines conforming to strict ecological standards; and exposed edge facing delivering a highly desired decorative design statement.

Recommended for architectural designs, furniture, construction, toys, vehicle building, packaging, high-tech wind turbine blades, acoustic panels, or domestic and commercial joinery, MAXI Birch plywood is available in sheets measuring 2440 x 1220mm from 4mm to 40mm in thickness.

Specialising in Birch plywood, MAXI Plywood stocks a comprehensive selection of Birch sheet varieties including MAXI Birch, MAXI Edge Fineline, MAXI Film and MAXI Hex.