Markilux Australia  presents an innovation in outdoor entertaining with the introduction of the Markilux 6000 awnings that can play music.

Incorporating intelligent technology, the Markilux 6000 awnings are revolutionising outdoor entertaining with the integrated sound system that plays beautiful music.

Markilux 6000 folding arm awnings use concertronic technology in the unique sound system to create music without a single loudspeaker. Users can simply connect their iPhone, smartphone or MP4 player to the awning and enjoy a full-bodied, high quality sound experience.

Delivering up to 80 watts of music power, the awnings create a great garden party atmosphere without messy cords, speakers or any other equipment.

The Markilux 6000 is transformed into a stereo loudspeaker by means of four sound transducers and two amplifiers with their own power supply, which cause the awning housing to gently vibrate. Similar to the membrane of a loudspeaker, these vibrations are transferred into the air, shaping noises into sound.

Markilux is a world-leading brand of external sun shading systems, offering a large selection of awning systems.