Asahi Fluon 3-layer blue ETFE cushions were used to create a unique dome at the new indoor theme park in Shenzhen on the China coastline.

The brief from the client clearly specified the 3-layer blue ETFE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) cushions to be used to bring to life a design symbolising the joy of free-spirited water play.  

The structure not only needed to easily adapt to the variations in climate but also required a modern appearance that would blend harmoniously with its environment while providing ongoing benefits through strength, durability, cost and energy efficiencies.  

The concept for the dome was to create a structure to represent a single gigantic water droplet nestled between the hills. Natural light would flood through the pale blue tinted translucence and nourish the plant life below. At night, LED lights would tint the droplet and create magical reflections in the surrounding moat.  

ETFE, a next generation building material offers the flexibility to enable several hundred geometrically different cushions to accommodate the complexities of design. The strong, durable, lightweight and cost-effective ETFE is also an excellent thermal insulator, achieving a U value of 1.7 W/m²K within the 3-layer cushions.  

The ETFE cushions and corresponding air circulation system retract in tandem with the movement of the retractable roof. The inclusion of LED lighting illuminates the ETFE foil with dramatic effect.  

The Shenzhen Water Park project was presented with an Award of Excellence in the Architectural Structures Category at the Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI) 2009 International Achievement Awards.  

MakMax Australia continues to produce newer, greener products such as Kenafine and ETFE, while also supporting Texyloop, the international PVC recycling initiative established by Ferrari Textiles to recycle membrane to produce ready-to-use polyester fibre and flexible PVC for re-use within the industry.   

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