Makinex presents the redesigned Jackhammer Trolley (JHT) featuring improved ergonomics for the operator.

First released in 2006, the JHT is a popular Makinex product in local as well as overseas markets, with more units sold incrementally each year.

Makinex’s award-winning jackhammer trolleys are known for their ability to reduce labour time by as much as six times, and are widely used in the flooring industry in tile removal, demolition and surface preparation tasks. 

Designed to take a large part of the weight, vibration and impact of a jackhammer, the JHT helps reduce back pain and operator fatigue.

The JHT is manufactured from steel components and consists of a main frame, base frame, handle and hammer clamp. Optional attachments such as a wide chisel and tile smasher are also available to suit specific flooring applications. 

Key new improved features of the JHT include better grip and traction when pushing the trolley via sheet metal burst holes on the foot plate; less force on the user when adjusting the trolley height due to a more rigid cable release system; assembly of hammers and block sets made easier with clear instructional sticker; and new improved brand-specific block kits for Hilti, Makita, Bosch, Hitachi and Dwalt.