Rising Step Barriers from Magnetic Automation are designed to stop unauthorised vehicles from breaking through controlled access areas. These 800kg barriers can endure high impact loads and are ideally suited to installation in areas such as toll booths.

Rising Step Barriers comprise a strong, heavy gauge steel frame and structure that is hot dip galvanised after welding. This process makes the barriers highly resistant to corrosion. Steel ribs and impact plates are affixed to the impact face of the barrier, which in turn transfers the mechanical forces to a suitably reinforced concrete foundation.  

Two parallel, high speed, hydraulic cylinders enable these barriers to operate. Next to the barrier, a lockable enclosure is installed with a power pack containing an electric motor-pump assembly and an accumulator. The accumulator stores up hydraulic energy so that the barrier powers up quickly when required. In case of hydraulic failure or sabotage, a safety valve is fitted to lock the barrier in a secure, upright position.

Rising Step Barriers are controlled by a programmable logic controller with an EPROM chip, meaning that they can be adapted to existing software and interfaced with a range of remote control devices, security access systems and key card readers.  

A variety of optional accessories can be fitted to Magnetic Automation’s Rising Step Barriers, including traffic signals, safety beams or loop detectors.