Magnetic Automation has designed and manufactured a boom gate securing system which provides cushioning support to the pendulum. The pendulum support post boom locking features an adaptor, bolt with two washers and two locking rings, fix with two MX by 25 screws, rubber foot and an adjustment collar with three M4 studs. Assembly is simple as the pendulum support is provided with a fixing plate and the barrier boom is fixed to the pendulum support using two screws and lock washers.

The magnetic support post is necessary with booms that exceed 3.5 metres in length, and is constructed from rectangular steel tubing with a RAL 2000 powder coating. The cradle section is designed to accommodate all magnetic booms making it versatile.  All aspects of the pendulum support post boom locking system are fully adjustable, and made from tough, durable materials which make it long lasting and resistant to natural wear.