The Working Capitol at Robinson is a highly rated co-working space in Singapore, built as a stylish and highly contemporary mixed-use structure incorporating 86 office suites and six stores.

Beginning in 2014 with Singapore’s first co-working space in Chinatown housing more than 300 personnel, The Working Capitol (TWC) quickly moved on to their second dynamic co-working space at Robinson in the centre of Singapore’s CBD, collecting Forbes magazine’s title as one of Asia’s top co-working spaces along the way.

Designed by Hassell Studio, The Working Capitol at Robinson has been hugely successful in identifying the attributes that make co-working spaces actually work. With the design focus on simple raw elegance, the building’s materials palette included chemical-free floors from Mafi Timber Flooring, which not only addressed the design aesthetic but also made for a very healthy choice.

The sense of health, calmness and wellbeing exuded by Mafi timber floors not only comes from the all-natural manufacturing processes but also because of the organic benefits of wood. When left as close to its raw state as possible, timber has the innate ability to clean and filter the air.

Hassell specified Mafi Oak Molto Brushed White Oil for The Working Capitol’s flooring. Featuring uniquely profiled grains and vibrant tones, Oak Molto flooring complements the highly-worked tactile character of the building’s joinery and wall finishes. Molto boards are available in in random widths as they are processed from smaller mixed-width planks that would otherwise be considered as offcuts. This maximises the use of raw material while celebrating the natural imperfections of timber, presenting the client with a feel-good, ecological and innovative approach to their choice of flooring.

Being free of harmful adhesives, VOCs and chemical-based lacquers, Mafi flooring helps provide The Working Capitol with a healthy work environment that’s especially friendly to occupants with allergies. Since the timber flooring is finished with a natural oil, it continuously filters the air; the natural oil also penetrates the timber and hardens it from within allowing the pores of the timber to breathe.

The Working Capitol takes its green identity further with photosynthesising plants spread across all 11 storeys of the office building to further cleanse the internal air, and brilliant sunlight filtering in through the space’s generous glazing.