Get the best out of your outdoor spaces by installing opening roof systems from Louvretec Australia. By controlling the movement of the louvres, you can keep your outdoor space cool during the warm summer or snug and comfortable during the colder months. But what’s the best way to run the louvres of an opening roof? Should you run the louvres horizontally to match the weatherboards? Or perpendicular out from the house?

Before deciding which way your louvres should run, consider how much shade you need in your outdoor space, and if it would go well with the overall aesthetic of your home.

When people talk about the best way to run the louvres, they are referring to the span of the louvres. To make full use of the sun on any given day, Louvretec recommends that your louvres should run perpendicular from the house and towards the north as much as possible. With the louvres out northwards, you can achieve optimum control of the morning and afternoon sun for your home.

Louvres needn’t run horizontally all the time. Depending on which way your house faces, the direction of the louvres could reduce your control of shading throughout the day in cold or warm season.

Key factors to consider

Take into account the length of the longest louvres as well as the slope or angle you seek – do you want the louvres flush or as an eyebrow configuration, for instance? Consider the design: Do you want your louvres to blend into the surroundings, or be a standout feature of your home? The louvre experts at Louvretec can guide you to the perfect solution.

Regardless of the way you choose to run the louvres on your opening roof system, you can still block out or let in as much sun as you like, thanks to Louvretec’s spiral pivot drive system, which allows full rotation of the louvres.

Louvretec offers a choice of eight different opening roof systems. Discuss with a Louvretec expert the right choice for your outdoor space.