Outdoor spaces are popular in summertime when they transform into entertaining areas for friends and family. Given the high usage, it’s important to keep these spaces as comfortable as possible for your guests. Outdoor blinds from LouvreTec Australia are the perfect addition to any outdoor space, providing an efficient way to keep these areas shaded and protected against elements such as wind, rain, and sun.

LouvreTec’s PVC Outdoor blinds are available in motorised and hand operable options, and are particularly effective in wet weather conditions. Mesh Shade blinds are ideal for sun control and available in a range of colours and ‘opens’ (little squares that make up the mesh).

LouvreTec’s outdoor blinds ensure you can use your alfresco spaces throughout the year, come rain, wind or shine.

Wind Protection

A nice and gentle breeze adds to the ambience in your outdoor space. But when a strong gust of wind threatens to ruin your party, you need to install LouvreTec’s range of Mesh Shade blinds and PVC Outdoor blinds on the sides of your patio, deck or outdoor room.

Rain Protection

Wet weather in summer is quite common and shouldn’t put a damper on your outdoor party. Made from durable PVC, LouvreTec’s outdoor blinds are available in a range of different tints, and can stand up to the elements for a long time.

Sun Protection

Summertime is all about being outdoors and enjoying the sunshine; however, you will need to protect yourself against excessive sun exposure. LouvreTec’s Mesh Shade blinds can block up to 95% of harmful UV rays, preventing sun damage to your skin while also protecting your furniture against fading.

Outdoor blinds bring a stylish and trendy look to your outdoor entertaining spaces while protecting you and your guests from the elements. LouvreTec’s outdoor blinds let you choose the exact amount of coverage you need to keep your party going, regardless of the wind, rain or sun.