The retractable opening roof is a premium roofing system designed for the louvre blades to retract or close at the touch of a button, depending on the weather.

Often installed in alfresco spaces such as decks, patios and verandas, a retractable opening roof, also called operable roof or retractable skylight, can be opened to let in the sun in good weather, or closed in rainy conditions.

Louvretec Australia offers retractable opening roofs in addition to their standard range of opening roofs. Standard opening roofs do not retract the louvre blades, but the louvre blades do turn up to 180 degrees. Louvretec’s retractable opening roofs are popular in upscale homes as well as restaurants and bars to provide for a controllable outdoor space.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits enjoyed by customers who have installed a louvred patio roof in their outdoor spaces.

A retractable opening roof is the perfect summer accessory for your home – it allows you to enjoy sunny weather in the comfortable shade of the louvres. A retractable opening roof lets you set and control conditions even when the louvres are back in place overhead as the blades can turn up to 180 degrees. Open up the louvre blades to enjoy both ventilation and view. If it rains, create an overhead shelter at the touch of a button.

Recommended for high-end renovations as well as new builds, Louvretec’s retractable opening roofs bring your outdoor spaces to life.