A 4-level commercial development on Bourke Rd, Alexandria NSW features a custom designed perforated screen on the facade, making an impressive architectural statement with a twist. The stunning white horizontal perforated aluminium ribbons twist and open to form framed views of the surrounding streetscape and adjacent Perry Park.

The boutique commercial building provides around 9,300 square metres of retail and office space that will become an extension of the fast-growing Green Square community.

With floor-to-floor glazing, solar shading was integral to the design. Cottee Parker JPRA conceptualised a twisted fin design featuring an undulating flow of horizontal and vertical screening that would not only provide sun protection where required but also maximise neighbourhood views.

Working to a tight delivery schedule, Ausrise Aluminium sought a local aluminium fabricator with the expertise and experience they could trust to bring this twisted facade concept to life.

Having previously worked alongside Louvreclad’s design and project team, Ausrise project manager Ed Da Silva quickly got them on board, with the collaboration helping bring the twisting perforated screen to life.

Concept Drawing

The concept on paper

At the initial discovery meeting, Ausrise met Louvreclad armed with Cottee Parker’s schematic and a couple of cardboard concept models to communicate the twisted fin aesthetic.

Passionate about design innovation, Louvreclad was excited to take this unique concept back to their design team to begin the R&D process. Through 3D modelling, prototyping and testing, Louvreclad’s in-house team developed a folded perforated fin design that met the architectural design intent and would be simple to install.

Initial prototype

The prototype

Given the complexity of the screening design, the best way to test it was to install a 1:1 prototype in situ. Louvreclad prepared two prototypes that were sent to site to be approved by the architect and the client. With a better part of Louvreclad’s manufacturing processes vertically integrated within their QLD facility, the company was able to punch, fold and powdercoat the prototype in-house.

By conducting the entire process in-house from design through manufacturing to the powdercoating finish, Louvreclad could easily keep Ausrise up to date with the development of the design, while providing a realistic delivery program.