Lotus Folding Walls & Doors announces the release of their newly updated website designed to provide a responsive and user-friendly experience for all visitors.

The new website features a brand new home page that will give you quick access to project inspiration, product categories, and insights and advice.

You can check out the new easy-to-use interactive Product Finder to quickly search for products, the Project Gallery for inspirational ideas, and a Resources page that will give you access to Revit files, technical specifications and brochures.

Explore Lotus’ full product range including moving walls and sliding door systems. Search by category or by the problem you are looking to solve on the Solutions page. Find the product you need for residential spaces, learning spaces, workspaces and public spaces. Stay up-to-date with new developments on the News page.

Lotus creates adaptable dynamic space solutions for those who want to transform the way they live, learn, work and play. Watch this animated introduction to learn more about the new Lotus website.