The Lockwood Brass Door Furniture range is the culmination of decades of experience in the design and manufacture of quality door furniture. It is now on show at designEX.

Still Australian designed and made, the Lockwood range has adapted as design trends have come and gone but one thing has remained constant – the high quality brass used to make it.

Whether it is for aesthetics, ergonomics, functionality or durability brass remains the ideal material for high quality door furniture.

Brass is a highly machinable material making it able to be accurately manufactured with less scrap, less rework and less energy than other materials. Products made from brass generally have good “cradle-to-grave” characteristics as not only do they show good durability but brass is also readily recycled at the end of the products working life.

It is designed for use with Lockwood 3570 Series Mortice Locks and Latches, as well as the Lockwood A5250 Tubular Latch.

Lockwood brass door furniture has been successfully tested to exceed the highest durability rating (D8, 500,000 cycles) under the appropriate Australian Standard (AS4145.2: 2008). This makes Brass Door furniture suitable for use in high use applications such as hospitals, schools, sports stadiums and office developments.

Lockwood Brass Door Furniture in satin chrome brushed finish (SC) has been successfully tested under NATA conditions to maintain both function and finish under prolonged neutral salt spray test for over 1000 hours satisfying the highest ranking (C10) of the appropriate Australian Standard (AS4145.2: 2008).

This result confirms that Lockwood Brass Door Furniture is an ideal choice for use in coastal applications and other corrosive environments.

Lockwood brass door furniture has already been installed at a number of notable sites, including The Royal Children’s hospital, AAMI Park, and the MCG.